Angelique Griffin

Killer Niece….

The drunken stripper from the Golden Banana, a coven of Salem witches and the 'groping' man horrifically impaled when she crashed into a flatbed truck

A coven of witches from Salem, Massachusetts, appeared in court to support a local stripper who was arrested on drunk driving charges after she crashed her car, killing her passenger.

In addition to working at DB's Golden Banana gentleman's club, Angelique Catherine Griffin, 25, is active in the local Wiccan community. The support led her uncle, a self-professed warlock, to 'hex' anyone who tired to 'harm' his niece.

A security camera captured the horrific moment early Saturday when the passenger side of her PT Cruiser smashed into the back of a flatbed truck parked alongside the road.

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Angelique Griffin
Dillon Renard

Drunk driving: Angelique Griffin, 25, had admitted to being drunk when she crashed her car and killed Dillon Renard, 19. However, she says he distracted her by trying to fondle her


Horrific: A security camera captured the moment Mr Renard was killed as Griffin's PT Cruiser slammed into a flat bed truck

Dillon Renard, 19, was impaled on impact and died in the passenger seat.

Tattooed across his chest was the phrase 'While I Breathe, I Hope.'

Griffin, the mother of three-year-old twins, told authorities she crashed because Mr Renard would not stop trying to fondle her as she drove, authorities say.

His family disputed that claim and shouted at Griffin in court that Mr Renard 'could do better' than her.

Griffin admitted to drinking two beers and two 'very strong' vodka and Red Bull cocktails before getting behind the wheel, the Boston Herald reports.

Angelique Griffin

Witch stripper? Griffin is active in the local Wiccan community and is a dancer at the Golden Banana gentleman's club

Angelique Griffin

Friends: A coven a witches showed up in court to support Griffin

She claims she didn't want to drive, but her friends told her she was the least person drunk in the group and had to take Mr Renard, an aspiring rapper, home.

After the crash, Griffin sobbed at the scene and screamed 'Did I kill him? Is he dead?' the newspaper reports.

Griffin was charged with motor vehicle homicide and drunken driving.

When she appeared in court on Monday, several local witches and warlocks showed up to support her -- something her attorney noted to the judge.

Salem has been a hotbed for Wiccans and other people who practice pagan religions because of the 1692 and 1693 which trials there, which saw Puritanical settlers execute 28 people suspected of practicing witchcraft.

Griffin's uncle, Christian Day, posted on Facebook asking a friend to 'send him energy' to help his niece.

'I need to hex each and every person that would dare harm her,' he wrote.

'I call upon everything in the heavens and hells to both protect her and to strike down anyone who would capitalize on this tragedy for their own gain.'