Give Me Your Social Security Number

Give Me Your Social Security Number!

Its funny how Krystal Madison (Crystal Garcia) is now asking psychics for their social security number under the guise of "security background check".

1. Krystal Madison and or Festival of Witches are not a publicly listed companies. In fact, its a DBA (still not listed during county listing research)
2. The application/release form is from Krystal Madison not a 3rd party security company (security, police or town counsel)
3. Psychics are Vendors. Vendors are not employees nor volunteers as this contract confusingly explains..
4. Is Krystal Madison Insured or Bonded? Who is liable during her events? Be prepared to hear SOL both to the hosting place and participants.
5.If you did not know Krystal Madison's real name is Crystal Garcia should tell you something from the start.
6.Authorization/Waiver/Indemnity on her contract releases Krystal Madison (Crystal Garcia ) from any wrong doings (intentional, unintentional or otherwise)


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