Little Girl Cried Wolf

by Phoenix Matthews

This is all too funny I had to write this in fair play since my last stint was not so fair.  It appears Krystal Madison  (aka Crystal A Garcia)  was going around telling police that Ronald French was threatening her kids with this open ended statement he made.

psychic warfare
psychic warfare

Apparently Krystal's New York State Police heard her story 4 times......

Krystal Madison New York State PoliceKrystal Madison New York State PolicKrystal Madison New York State Polic





Ronald's hometown police of Bradenton Florida found no claims to the small stack of papers she shown them and even wrote about it in their report. . .

Krystal Madison Ronald FrenchKrystal Madison Ronald FrenchKrystal Madison Ronald FrenchKrystal Madison Ronald French


While visiting sunny Florida Crystal Garcia Visited the local court house down the street......


But here is the funny thing about Crystal Garcia and her quest to protect her children.... She already exploited them!  Ronald French posted a blog about this and even archived the links to preserve the  integrity of his article but I will with my copy here  ...

When Hypocrisy runs rampant how can anyone resist exposing it .....

Meet the kids

The photo credit and article link HERE   

page should look look like this It was Archived to keep the integrity of the blog it seems.

If this was not enough money she earlier went to go fund me and was asking for $6K from strangers . . . Well I guess that went well ... Maybe  not

KM Mikes fund


The Bottom Line here is you cannot have it both ways.   If you are going to pimp your kids for money what makes you think making them open domain victims?



Krystal Madison  / Crystal A Garcia is a professional Drama Queen and will proclaim the sky is falling to gather in a crowd around her but when she does I can see her trying to shit out a cloud.



cd KM super mom

Krystal has plans